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Was The Social Media Blackout A Good Thing?

Last week, the world experienced a six-hour social media blackout. The three social media giants: Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, all crashed at once. Disaster! In light of this this, and other semi-apocalyptic events that have happened over the past 18-months, many thought this was another sign of humanity’s untimely demise! But thankfully, it wasn’t. Our […]

Co-Marketed Collaborations That Didn’t Go To Plan

There’s nothing better than a clever, well-executed, and tasteful co-marketed collaboration. For example, when Adidas started working with Kanye West’s Yeezy clothing brand to produce some extremely choice trainers, the German firm hit the jackpot. Not only did Adidas have an all-new line of exclusive and incredibly desirable trainers, but it could employ an icon […]

From Journalism To PR: What Have I Learned During My First Month At Source?

It’s been roughly a month or so since I started my role as an Account Executive here at Source, and the time has flown! So, with that in mind, I’m going to try to give you a brief synopsis of what I’ve learned during my first month. One thing has become immediately clear since moving […]