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Preparing For A PR Campaign – #1 Set Clear Goals

Breakthrough creative ideas, solid journalist contacts, storytelling craft, strong press release writing skills are all things that go towards preparing for a PR campaign and making it great. However, to achieve the best results for a PR campaign, we need to go right back to the start. The brief. And more specifically, the goals. First […]

Protecting Your Brand As Social Media Grows

Where do people go when they want to complain about a company these days? Do they go to their local retail outlet or pick up a phone to let the company know about a problem? Hardly at all now. Instead, complaints are delivered easily and readily through a mobile device and increasingly, social media.   […]

Our Tips On Securing Media Coverage

Having worked both as a journalist and a PR person for nearly a quarter of a century, I have had a few years of trying to figure out what works when it comes to securing coverage in the media. My take on it is there are a lot of factors to getting your news written […]

Is It Ever Okay To Create Your Own Communications Channel?

With the news that Donald Trump has created his own platform to communicate his messages directly to those who want to read them, we’re asking: is it ever OK to create your own communications channel?   One of the reasons Trump has set up his own ‘social media’ channel is because he has been banned […]


This article first appeared in Creative Moment and was written by Janet Hare. Poetry has been around for thousands of years and has given the UK alone heaps of famous and infamous poets such as Chaucer, Keats, Wordsworth, Dylan Thomas, Robbie Burns, Sylvia Plath and many, many more. Typically though it is known as a […]