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We’re Hiring!

PR Account Manager – Job Description We’re looking for an organised and passionate PR Account Manager to join our friendly team. Our ideal candidate will have great experience in copywriting, media relations and social media. The role involves managing several accounts in exciting industries including homebuilding, leisure, hospitality and more. This is a flexible, hybrid […]

How To Best Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is increasingly being used by businesses and brands to extend their range and reach into new and lucrative markets.  Although the marketing tactic has been used for several years, influencer marketing is set for exponential growth in 2023. PR agencies have always been the preferred partner for businesses looking to engage in influencer marketing.  […]

Crisis PR Management & Another Lesson From KFC

No brand or business is immune to the challenges presented when a PR crisis erupts.  Equally, in today’s digital world, no company can guarantee that a PR crisis won’t happen to them, as such all companies should at least have plans in place to prepare for the unexpected. Crises typically fall into two camps – […]

How Much Do PR Agencies Charge?

As we head into what is likely to be another economic slowdown, there is often an uplift in businesses wanting to raise their profile in an increasingly competitive market.  With budgets tight and ambitions high, prospective clients often ask us ‘How much do PR agencies charge?’. The short answer is how long is a piece […]

Plain English Please!

This may just be a personal gripe but why do agencies feel the need to adopt ‘marketing speak’ when working with clients?  I appreciate that it’s important to use the right terminology when explaining a campaign or PR proposal but let’s not forget clients are normal people so can we please stop using cliches and […]

Influencer Marketing Lessons From Marcus Rashford

It’s fantastic to hear that the AQA exam board is looking to use Marcus Rashford as a case study on how best to use social media to instigate social change in society.  The 23 year old “black man from Wythenshawe” is not only a role model for many but a brilliant example of what an […]

A Summer Of Sport & PR Disasters

It’s been a fantastic summer of sport with the Olympics, Euros and a Lions series in South Africa, let alone all the smaller sporting occasions that take place every week across the country.  All have been achieved despite the global restrictions and regulations in place to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s been an amazing feat […]