My Experience Studying PR at University

Moving away for university was something I always wanted to do. Being from a small town in the North of Ireland, it felt like most people followed the same path staying at home for university. I wanted a fresh start in a new city. Following in my brothers’ footsteps I decided Liverpool would be the perfect place to make that new start.

I studied business at A-level, which was something I thoroughly enjoyed, therefore wanting to continue down that path at university.

When applying for university, John Moores really stood out to me. The university’s facility of business offered a range of business degrees and specialist areas. The opportunity of courses the university provided helped me decide on a specialist degree in Business and Public Relations.

Why Did I Choose PR?

Public Relations was something I had little to no knowledge on, but the university modules intrigued me to want to learn more. With modules including ‘Creative Media’, ‘Event Management’ and ‘Marketing Communications’, these were some new areas I was interested in exploring.

Throughout the course I began to see and learn how important Public Relations was within a business, such as with the rise of ‘influencers’ and a whole online world where companies could now promote and market themselves. Whilst working through a range of different modules I got to experience how PR helps to run a businesses, from writing press releases to crisis comms and even dabbling in digital marketing skills like google analytics.

‘Integrated digital marketing’ was one of the most engaging and interesting modules I took at university. The module included the building and design of a holiday website for upmarket clients selling luxury properties. Blogs and email campaigns were also elements within the website creation.

I got to where I am now because of the experience I received throughout the course, particularly in the digital marketing module. I current work as a Junior Account Executive with Source PR, I am pleased to be able to put my newfound knowledge to use.