Bradwall Bakehouse is a new bakery outlet that opened in April 2022 and one we have supported since its inception. From the initial launch through to its current position as a fast-growing wholesaler and independent baker of artisan breads to the Cheshire community, Source PR has been working with the company to establish, maintain and grow its presence through social media and community and media relations.


Source PR was appointed to establish the bakehouse’s reputation in the Bradwall and Sandbach community, before moving on to the wider Cheshire region. This included creating and managing social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – as well as handling all local media for the company. We developed a plan that included a small launch event to help get the community onside, as well as arranging a number of interviews and features for the bakehouse – as well as traditional news outreach as it opened its doors. Thanks to our experience in hospitality PR and working with one of the bakehouse’s partners, Bear Inns, we were well-equipped for the job at hand.

Key Activity

  • Creating Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages for the bakehouse.
  • Releasing the news of the company’s inception and its takeover of the Village Hall.
  • Assisting with the launch to the local community and to customers ahead of opening.
  • Arranging media interviews in line with the opening.
  • Working with local magazines to secure full-page features.
  • Creating profiles of team members for social and media.
  • Supporting with media relations as the bakehouse expanded into the wholesale sector.
  • Helping with website copy and design feedback.

The Results

  • Exponential growth of the company’s presence and business in the months since its inception – which included seeing it expanding into new markets.
  • Over 10 pieces of coverage in trade and local media including Cheshire Live and British Baker with a reach of approximately 78k people in print and online.
  • Full-page features secured in local titles such as Cheshire and Shropshire Living, and The Cheshire Magazine.
  • Over 1000 followers gained on Facebook without any assistance from paid promotion in 8 months.
  • New business leads generated through the company’s social media pages including local farm shops and small businesses needing wholesale baked goods.
  • An unarguably strong and well-maintained reputation built across the Bradwall and wider Cheshire community.

“You only have one chance to launch a new business. Source PR not only provided an excellent sounding board before launch but delivered a well considered communications strategy. The right consumers received the right messages allowing this startup to reach its desired customers effectively and economically. Since launch they have continued to support social media channels ensuring consistent delivery of the relevant communications. 1k Facebook followers in 6 months on a limited budget is proof – QED!”

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