Industry Awards – Are They Worth It?

As we spring into the awards season, many businesses and teams may now be thinking of being recognised for all their hard work over the last year by entering an award. No matter the sector you work in, there will be an award category your business can enter.

As a PR agency, something we often get asked is whether awards are really worth entering? The short answer is YES! Although time and money goes into entering them, the potential rewards you and your business can reap make it all worthwhile. Plus, you can always look at hiring a company such as ourselves to help compile your award entries to make the process a whole lot easier!

Let’s delve into why your business should be entering industry awards!

From boosting your brand to improving your business’ reputation, entering industry awards is an essential part of marketing, and as PR professionals it’s something we encourage all our clients to get involved with.

We always say it’s not the winning that’s important, it’s the taking part and with industry awards, this couldn’t be truer! It’s all about recognition and getting your brand/business out there. When entering awards, more often than not the organisations will post shortlists of the finalists across their website, social media, and even in local the local press. So even before the final judgment call, your business has already had its fair share of exposure as a reputable candidate for an award. A win-win essentially!

Let’s take a further look at the benefits of entering industry awards…

Better brand credibility

Being nominated and winning an award is a great way of distinguishing your business from competitors, as well as serving as an effective and authentic brand endorsement.

We can’t help but associate ‘award-winning’ with an established, reliable business, so advertising your shortlists and wins across your websites and social platforms is a great way to promote your business to potential clients and customers as an industry winner, essentially being quality assured.

A great marketing tool

With winning an award comes sharing your successes. Shouting your gains is a fantastic way to earn more exposure and brand awareness. Being quality assured through the win will also likely gain a wider customers and clientele base as this new exposure is a quick and effective way to build a reputation or credibility in a sector.

Not just for big businesses!

Even if you run a small business never let that fact deter you from achieving recognition. No matter the company, big or small, everyone puts in a lot of hard work and determination to make their venture a successful one. Small businesses have equal opportunities and often specific categories that allow you to compete with the bigger businesses.  Being nominated, shortlisted or winning can also put you on the same level as the other businesses within the category.


At Source PR, we have had many years of experience working with clients both small and large and entering businesses into awards.  We are also pleased to have assisted many of our clients in gaining the recognition they deserve across a number of awarding bodies.

Interested in entering your business into industry awards? Introducing Source PR – where our team of skilled professionals can take your business to the next level. If you’d like to find out more about how Source PR can support you, drop our friendly team a line. We’re always happy to chat.