Win or Lose – the Value of Awards

No matter what industry you’re in, we can guarantee that there will be awards which your business could enter. From restaurants, to recruitment, to agriculture – all sectors relish the chance to bring together the best of the best and recognise excellence. But there’s more value to entering awards than the winning itself. To win an industry award is, of course, incredible – but that’s not the be all and end all…

Whether or not you win your category, getting through to the finals of any business awards is still a great achievement. With finalist shortlists posted online and attendance at awards ceremony, win or lose you’ll still get industry recognition and visibility that you wouldn’t have if you had never entered!

The award ceremonies also hold incredible business value in themselves, as they offer ideal networking opportunities. In one afternoon, you can meet your competitors, suppliers and customers in an environment of friendly rivalry – a great chance to meet and discuss your industry with other leaders, and perhaps even pick up some useful business tips along the way.

Many awards ceremonies invite a group from your business to attend, so they are also an excellent opportunity to boost team morale. There are few better ways to reward hard working and valued members of your team than the chance to take the day off and enjoy the glitz and glamour of a ceremony with their colleagues, and to revel in the fact that they are part of a team worthy of industry recognition.

Finally, entering business and industry awards can prove to be a fantastic exercise in self-promotion. In this hectic world, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to take the time out to think about your business’ achievements and your team’s outstanding qualities. Entering awards presents the opportunity to truly reflect on why you’re the best!

However, there are so many different awards out there that it can be tricky to pick which ones you would like to enter; and the lengthy entry forms can be time consuming to fill in – which is why the support of a PR agency is vital, with an entire team to craft, spin and script the perfect entry award.

Here at The Source, we’ve already had incredible success with 2017 awards so far – from the Global Recruiter UK Industry Awards,the Healthy Food Guide Awardsand even the NRBsand the Country Brides Awards. Could you be the next award winning business?